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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  FOX  December 22, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PST

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this week on our world with black enterprise, we sit down with tyler perry on his latest movie, a ma dee ya christmas. >> maybe you can keep on eye on my class while i go into the meeting. >> watch your class? me and children don't get along. >> plus, this actress has more than just one life to live. she's also in a world of the haves and have notes. >> it was a blessing in disguise for me. i didn't know what it was --
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>> how much of a disguise and she said no. i had to beg her to take the role. >> finally, we visit the new jersey program introducing people to a life of law and order. >> we have a debater of the year competition where we debate in front of a real new jersey supreme court judge. >> that's what's going on in our world. introducing the 2014 next generation toyota, let's go places.
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>> tyler perry is today's most successful film makers. at 44 this writer, director, producer and actor continues to pump out hits, earning $78 million this year and landing
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him the number 22 spot on fosh's magazine top 100 list. with shows like meet the browns and house of pain, his production company produces the first scripted television shows, love thy neighbor and the haves and have notes. with the success of his hit movies, he proved he can master dramatic films even though his beloved character, madia, is only a script away. madia christmas is about a trip to a little town in alabama. but he brings more than a little holiday spirit. >> are you all right? >> we sat down with him to talk about his craft and why his alter ego is back on the scene. >> next! they say they're going to pay me
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$5 for each child that sit on my lap. santa claus on lockdown. >> madia, this is where you'll issue wo be working. >> get me some scratchoffs. hold on. somebody is screaming at me. i'm about to choke them y'all been to the north pole. i been on the pole. >> what can we expect this time around? >> i wanted to take this character and put her -- christmas and grandmother go together like santa and clause and cookies and milk. you take madia, this crazy out of control grandmother -- >> you want a stocking full of candy. how about i give you a stocking full of jenny craig. get the hell out of here. $5 a kid. oh, no, that's wet. wet alert, wet alert. >> it's a wonderful story. anna marie and madia and are
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larry the cable guy are having so much fun. it's hysterical. >> it looks like fun. but you also tackle important issues, inter racial relationships. you mentioned christmas where people are trying to take the christ out of christmas. why were those issues important for you? >> certainly knowing how society goes, the christ out of christmas is what seems to be happening. people say happy holidays now or you'll see signs that say merry x mass. i wanted to be sure we were at least paying attention to what is going on. as far as inter racial marriage goes, i think what i'm speaking to is just letting people love who they love no matter who it is. do not stand in judgment but allow people the freedom to love who they love. >> this movie is loosely based on the play by the same name and thousands of people have seen that play. how is it movie different from the play? >> two very different stories. the movie takes place in the hamptons and madia shows up.
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because i had done the have and have notes i didn't want to do the maid and the housekeeper so i rewrote the whole story. it's different but very funny. >> oh, that's confusing to me. hey, i didn't know you was there. madia's affair will be fixed in an hour. i need a ride. can you ride me down there? >> that ain't what i told you to say. >> yes! >> you supposed to come in and say i need a ride down to see if the faerry is fixed. you keep talking about the ferry now, that don't make sense. you need to say i need a ride to see if the ferry is fixed. come on back. >> that's a new line. >> i love how madia can handle the funny situations and she can
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get away with saying just about anything. >> yes, she can. >> i won't cross you. did you ever slip into madia on accident. >> no, no, no. i have fun with it because people want to see it. they enjoy it. i'm telling you, the minute people stop come, that old broad is going to die quickly. as long as people want to see it she'll be around. >> you're not going to retire her any time soon? >> the minute people stop coming, she'll be retired. >> then everyone better keep coming. >> if they love it they need to keep coming. >> last year you joined a partnership with oprah. you created two new shows. >> it's going extremely well. >> they're two of the highest rated shows on the network. >> when you play with fire, everyone gets burned. >> tyler perry, the haves and the have notes only here. >> what else can we expect from this partnership?
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ip &h(lc tons of ideas because, again, i was going to start my own network. right now i'm trying to find what works for me and what works for her because it's still the oprah winfrey network and i was brought in to help her. i'm very careful as to what the next idea, what the next decision is because i want to make sure it's all in line with what she wants own to be. >> i know her and madia have met before. >> yeah. >> can we expect madia to have her own show? >> i don't think so. if i have to put that costume on every day somebody is going to die. i'm going to tell you right now, if i have to put that costume on every day, the world would not be a happy place for me. >> we know you're a master at television comedies. you're doing extremely well there. now that the drama is doing well, can we see more dramas for you? >> i'm working on a new one right now. it's going to debut in
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september. the single mom's club. the movie comes out in march and right after the movie comes out we're going to start the television show. >> can we expect madia or tyler perry to make a cameo? >> i'm happy behind the camera. if i don't have to be in front of the camera ever again i'm okay with that. behind the camera is really good for me. i'm conscious and aware of what the audience wants. >> hopefully the audience will continue wanting more of your movies and when we come back we're going to be joined by one of your co-stars in both the haves and the have notes. >> who? >> tika is coming by. she's going to join us because she's in a madia christmas and the have and the have notes. >> she ain't getting no chair though. we'll be right back. >> up next, this actress, singer and model makes a successful leap from the small screen to the big one. stay with us.
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>> sadly, the results did not change. i was actually heartbroken. >> the former professor, now entrepreneur, put on her chemist hat to bring her vision to every doll. >> all the skin tones are custom blended by me. the hair styles are custom designed by me.
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so i have cute afro puffs and braids. >> that's what people love to see on the walmart shelves. >> we've heard and listened. they told us that they want to see culturely relevant toys. it makes perfect sense
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>> closed captioning for our world is brought to you by -- >> tika sumpter and tyler perry created a great collaboration on the own network's premier drama, the haves and the have notes. we wanted to know what's the
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secret to their collaboration. >> thank you for joining us. >> no problem. >> i'm glad tyler is allowing you to sit here. >> allowing? >> he better be happy? you guys are hilarious. where is it like working with this guy? >> the truth or script? >> give me the truth. >> you know what, he is -- >> wonderful. >> a phenomenal -- >> kind. keep talking. >> he's just -- >> great. >> he's an all around great person first of all. he wears so many different hats, producer, director, writer. you can only aspire to be as great as he is. i'm just so grateful to have somebody to look up to and i always have somewhere to aim. he employs so many people. >> thank you. >> tyler, leave me alone.
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>> long answer. >> i'm speaking from my heart. >> talk that long -- >> forget it. you know what, i can't stand him actually. >> okay. now the truth comes out. thank you. >> that's the truth. i was trying to write this in my head just now. >> i was going to ask the next question i think i know the answer now. who is more fun to have on set, tyler or madia. >> tyler. i can't stand madia. i love her for who she is but tyler is a different person. >> when i have that costume on i'm not nice. >> he's not nice. >> i don't want to put it on. now it's on i need everybody to shut the hell up and do what you are supposed to do. let's do it. i got this stuff on and i'm ready to take it off. hurry up. >> when he takes it off he's back to tyler that i know. >> that's because madia can get away with anything. she's carrying a pistol. let's get to a madia christmas. tell us about your character and why you decided to do the film.
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>> one, when tyler asked me to do it i was like, yes, yes, yes. don't act right now. >> you called me saying you think i can -- >> no, i did not do that. >> can i go with y'all? >> maybe you can keep on eye on my class while i go to the meeting. >> i'm sorry? watch your class? children -- me and children don't get along. >> she's a mobile, educated young woman who from the big city and trying to lead the life she wants to and has family members who don't know really what's going on in my life. >> what was the atmosphere on set like? >> it's great because it's a great chemistry. we all raeally got along. it's work but it's quick but we had fun. >> is there anything in particular you hope people will take away? >> lots of messages. from the kids i'm hoping they
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take away how important it is to not be bullied, to younger adults and people who live their lives, just live your life for you. you can't live it for your parents or anybody else. it's your life to live and once it's done it's done. >> like your answer. trying to get back at you now. >> now let's get to the haves and the have notes. what's it like working for both of you like on our generation's dynasty. >> i never thought of that. that's cool. it was a blessing in disguise for me. you don't know -- i didn't know what exactly it was -- >> how much of a disguise it was. she said no. i had to beg her to take the role. not only did i have to beg her, i called oprah and oprah called her and asked her to take the role. both of us, begging her to take the role. >> what was going on in your mind? >> no it was just trying to
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figure out what it was going to be, just thinking about it as an actor. but i'm glad that i took it. >> you damn skippy you glad you took it. was about to miss the role of your life, of your career. >> you set me up. >> no, no. >> yes, you did. you set me up. >> no. keep your voice down. >> i don't give a damn! >> stop it! >> you brought this on yourself. you want a war. here it is. >> the show seems like a roller coaster ride. what can we expect in upcoming seasons? >> you have no idea. people think the first 16 was something. this next 20 is going to blow you away. >> everybody's hands are in everything. >> everybody's hands, everybody's dirty. something is going on with everybody. >> you don't know what's going to happen next. it's going to be great. >> it's too damn hot. >> that's a cliff hanger, i tell you. >> i'm glad you're creating new projects because you've been
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able to keep so many people in who had employed. >> if you see me working with somebody over and over again that's somebody that i really truly love and love working with like her. honestly we kid around but i love working with her because the work ethic is there and not only that, i've worked with people who are extremely talented but they're horrible people and i never want to work with them again. then there are people who are extremely talented and have all the other things together, on time, doing what they're supposed to, not causing drama. if you see me working with the same people it's because of that. it's a great feeling to be able to employ a lot of people, to have them help secure their own lives. i was telling somebody this the other day that tyler perry studios and the shows i've done have made more black millionaires in the last seven years than all the studios in hollywood combined. that's something to celebrate and i'm grateful for it. >> our world with black enterprise is sponsored in part by state farm. find an agent or get a quote at state
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>> arguing law and representing clients in front of a court judge might not be a career path most teenagers are thinking about, but this new jersey project shows them just how fun and adventous it can be. the new jersey law and education empowerment project was founded in 2006 by executive director
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craig livermoore in partnership with law school to help unleash the untapped potential of inner city new jersey students. >> who or what inspired you to start this? >> i've been blessed. my inspirations are many. what really drives me is i cannot even begin to tolerate unrecognized human potential. when i look at our students and our families, when i look at the urban landscape, there is such amazing potential there. i know there are many obstacles to realizing that potential. >> he runs school based legal education programs for urban students as young as 6th grade. they facilitate a four year out of school college bound program for students in grades 9 through 12 which combines legal education and support. >> partners in various law firms. >> there is no substitute for
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actually seeing what you can do in court or seeing how a lawyer presents a case or understanding what goes into presenting a case. >> at the end of the year we have a debater of the year competition. we debate in front of a real supreme court judge. >> what's that like? >> stressful to say the least. it's worked in the end. >> and in the end the results speak for themselves. >> 100% of our kids have gone to college. 90% are persisting through college. they're in many top 100 colleges from princeton to georgetown to smith, rutgers and many others. >> the real achievement is seeing the transformation from their students. >> when i entered high school i wasn't taking it seriously. eventually a became the vice-president at leap. >> many partners have provided various resources including internships, mentors, finances
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and sponsorships. the parents are also a huge component of their success. >> there are certainly moments where students don't want to be doing additional hours of writing and after school tutoring and law debates but there is always a parent, a loved one who is supporting them saying you need to develop these skills. >> my mom really pushed me. there were times where i was like i don't want to do this and she was like education first. >> how many students come back after graduating and give back or become counsellors or do the work that you are doing. >> every year we have alumni whi come back to support the debates. >> what effect does the staff hope m.j. leap will have on the students? >> looking forward to running into them in professional settings and realizing that they've been able the parlay what they learned in our program into real long term success. >> we haven't yet in this country reached educational equity and we all know we have it. it means that there is deeply rooted challenges.
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but that also is the passion for what we do. we think the answer for that is to bring together all these stake holders starting with students and families and then partners and corporation, law firms and saying, if we are all consistent in our message, consistent in our laser focused vision and we both love and when there is real love like that that's consistent, that's there every day, that's when we have seen that potential be unleashed. >> we'll be right back. promotional consideration provided by --.
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>> even if you don't live in a financial capital of the world, download a free enterprise wealth building kit, research stocks, learn how to get rid of debt, boost your credit score and save toward financial goals. register for our award winning event, the black enterprise entrepreneurs
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>> our world is brought to you by mcdonald's, deeply rooted in
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the community 365 days a year. >> tyler is a different person. >> when i have that costume on i'm not nice. >> he's not nice. >> be sure to visit us on the web at black enter world. you can also like us on facebook. thanks for watching. we'll see you next week.
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